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This book is loaded with fascinating history, street fighting wisdom, sparring tips, insight into wellknown kata. His teacher masonobu china told him that this kata goes back at least 200 years in the village of shimabuku. If oral history can be depended upon, sakugawa was believed to have learned the passai kata in china. Oyadomari was also a disciple to two local masters.

There are over thirty different versions of this kata, based on the different ryu schools of karate. Passai is nearly universal in traditional karatedo schools, but the kata have many differences depending on the style of karate. Each series of kata is preceded by a historical and technical introduction. Making sense of passai an exploration of origin and style ikigai. Overview kyudokan okinawan shorin ryu kyudokan karatedo. After the second world war, only 9 kata remained up to chinto but in the chojinkai association we still practice the 15 katas registered in 1945. If oral history can be dependable sakugawa was believed to have learned the passai kata in china. After researching the history of this form, herein i present some of the most common beliefs as to where this form originated, how it spread and what it means. Passai and bassai kata series are almost identical the only difference being their names okinawan vs japanese. If it is below the waist, parry with your legs, if it is above waist line, catch a leg and sweep your opponent down. Complete series of shito ryu kata book 3 japan karatedo federation shitokai on. The history of this kata is somewhat controversial kobayashi shorinryu stylists claim that itosu developed all five kata using either the kata passai and kusanku. I came across an interesting article by sensei robert teller that the this footage of kate passai is one of the oldest forms of this kata.

Originally wadoryu had 16 kata, but in 1945 the kata suparimpei was dropped from the syllabus. Its packed with profound insight into the true meaning of kata, while at the same time identifying streetworthy technique as well as valuable tips for sparring competition. Kyudokan training hall for learning the do waypath to selfenlightenment the okinawan shorinryu karatedo kyudokan school, now known as the higa family school of karatedo, is a traditional school renowned throughout the world because of its history, its accumulated culture and the traditions handed down over the centuries by the fore fathers of karate in okinawa. It also features an opening salutation of the right closed fist resting in the open left hand.

When you look into the movements you can see that all the main sequences and techniques are there in a slightly different order sagurite, yama uke. Chinto kata has a fascinating history and it is necessary to have some understanding of that history if we are to understand the kata itself. Bassai hyung history most hyung have well defined origins. From teruya, oyadomari learned passai, rohai, and wanshu, and from uku the kata naifanchi. In his 1922 book, gichin funakoshi names the form passai. Okinawan karate is very simple when it comes to kicks. Building warrior spirit with gan, soku, tanden, riki, by robert scaglione and william cummins. Shiroma shimpan, hanashiro chomo, mabuni kenwa, otsuka hironori, and taira shinken. Book january 2018 with 1,397 reads how we measure reads a read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a. Lets look at some theses on the history of this kata. We are a group on a mission to return karate to its roots through the use of kata as selfdefense. The kokusai butokukai studies and preserves four of these. Jun 16, 2016 such is a demonstration of contrived bunkai the secret fighting techniques hidden within the kata that we learn and pass on and how we understand them, manipulate them and demonstrate them.

The characteristic of this kata is the execution of hidden fist punches kakushizuki. In that book all 5 of the heian pinan kata are examined in detail from the solo performance of each kata, to the two person bunkai sequences. There are several variations of these kata, including passai sho or minor passai and. Passai is one of the most popular kata of okinawan karate with many different versions. Thoughts on the kata shimpa tan the heritage of shudokan. Oct 16, 2017 this week we share our brainstorming session on passai kata applications. Although mainland japan prefers the name heian, the pattern remains the same as the traditional okinawan pinan kata passai sokon matsumura taught anko itotsu passai kata. That isnt to say that the way shotokan influenced schools do the kata is wrong, simply that you cannot use the words classic kata of shorinji ryu. Pdf karatedo shito ryu une bibliographie, paris, kayogi france. Jan 29, 2012 it was the kata that was the book in which the student had to study and apply. Because of this and the history a lot of this knowledge has been lost.

However, today we can see a diversity of books and dvds on the subject. An excellent source of reference for the study of nage no kata is the book judo formal techniques, by tadao otaki and donn f. Another fine reference is the book kodokan judo, by jigoro kano, published by kodansha internationalusa, ltd, tokyo, japan. It is believed that matsumura was taught passai by his instructor, sakugawa. The shorinryu okinawan karate question and answer book, by robert scaglione and william cummins. Bassai, one of the most if not the most common form across the martial arts, has a history clouded in mystery and speculation. Kata, as practiced in karate, provide a living encyclopedia of selfdefense, tradition, and training methods. Ebook, fantasy, fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction, history.

The story of bunkai is truly long and winding, filled with myth, imagination, a few facts, untold misunderstandings, make believe, fairy tales and. This week we share our brainstorming session on passai kata applications. Use your lower arm to catch opponents leg harai uke. This passai has the trademark aggressive shuffle in gambit at the beginning.

This very old kata can teach us agility, hip movements, strength and the change from fast to slow techniques. Bassai dai is one of the variations of the passai kata that is practiced in shotokan karate, normally starting at 3rd kyu. The book contains chapters of a veritable whos who of karatedo luminaries including. Mike rother mike rother improvement kata, the five coaching kata questions coaching condition. It is believed that this kata was brought to okinawa in 1683 by a chinese envoy named wanshu. This pdf details the first kata of the heian series. Bassai has been practiced in many martial arts, including those from china, the. The creator of the kata was sokon bushi matsumura 18091902 who played a huge role in the development of karate and who was also the chief bodyguard to three okinawan kings. Secondly, his book actively teaches a judoka how to. The covid19 pandemic has introduced many new challenges in our daily lives, along with a new vocabulary. The article should then mention why there are different names, and the minor variations in the kata between various styles.

This traditional taekwondo form is also used in shotokan karate. Mar 16, 2016 chotoku kyan learned this kata from kokan oyadomari a famous tomarite karate teacher. The floating hand techniques are very similar to the movement of tai chi chuan and there are also other similarities in the shifting of body weight and light stances. That is tomari version of passai kata and it is generaly oldest version that survived today. Matsumura shorin ryu karate pinan kata illustrated manual. There is a legend which indicates that annan was the master who taught the kata chinto to sokon matsumura. There may be differences between the taekwondo version and the karate version of this form. The principles for understanding kata were largely unknown. Passai dai, which is very close to the shotokan version, is required for a student wishing to obtain a brown belt. Members of the arizona hombu dojo in mesa, arizona, learn itosus passai kata.

Chotoku kyan learned this kata from kokan oyadomari a famous tomarite karate teacher. When we apply that to the shotokan versions of bassai, the dai version is the asato bassai and the sho version is a younger form that later came into the shotokan curriculum, maybe formulated by itosu himself maybe not. However, one of the noteworthy tomari flavors is the slow movement of the left foot out into cat stance at the very beginning of the kata. Pdf on sep 29, 2016, simon dodd and others published kata. Shotokan karate kata bassai dai bassai dai, literally translates to storm a castle, major or to penetrate a fortress, major is a kata practiced in shotokan karate and is one of many variations of the passai kata. Your upper arm will be in upper defending position age to smash opponents face with your. Passai sometimes pronounced bassai contains a wide variety of striking and grappling techniques including throws, chokes, locks etc. No bassai et est enseigne notamment en shitoryu et matsubayashiryu. Id like to say right away that the part in traditional chinese medicine has no practical use in martial arts today. The book is richly illustrated and goes into detail about karatedo history, philosophy, techniques and kata.

Pdf karatedo shito ryu une bibliographie, paris, kayogi. Like many forms in traditional taekwondo, bassai also known as palsek came to taekwondo by way of karate. The pinan kata series was introduced into the okinawan school district karate program as gym training from 1902 to 1907 by ankoh itosu. Okinawan karate forms and use the forms that are more japanese in nature or were created to kowtow to kano jigoro, because neko ashi dachi allows you to easily prevent a judoka from grabbing. Archived from the original pdf on 29 november 2014. Bassai dai as well as jitte also teach a certain power that can be. Making sense of passai an exploration of origin and style. Because kata is composed of a certain assumption, katachi, a form, shall be created as a result of this process. In this system of shorinryu karate known as seiyokai, members actually learn two different passai kata. The shotokan stylistic system this book focuses on the history of the karate kata is not only a valuable guide for the shotokan, but also for the styles shotokai, wadoryu, shitoryu, shorinryu, and partly for the gojuryu.

Shotokan karate kata bassai dai bassai dai, literally translates to. Sep 02, 2018 in this article i would like to share my knowledge of this kata from my upcoming book the kata of shudokan. To study the techniques of pangainoon, mabuni kenwa sensei and konishi yasuhiro sensei visited the dojo of uechi kanbun sensei in wakayama in 1925. Regarding the problem of the original contents of the kata, the personal independence of each contestant shall, by and large, be respected. Jan 28, 2014 this passai has the trademark aggressive shuffle in gambit at the beginning. Passai dai is the matsumura passai the old form and passai sho is the itosu passai the younger form. There are several variations of these kata, including passai sho or. This kata was one of the most popular katas in history and it is believed to have originated in china. There are several variations of these kata, including passai sho or minor passai and passai dai or major passai. The origins of this kata are obscure, however there are several theories as to its history.

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